Ring Sport Organizations

CMTC-A - Canadian MuayThai Council Amateur (CAN)

1991 to Present

Ajarn Mike Miles founded the Canadian MuayThai Council in 1991. The organization was the Canadian arm of the first World MuayThai Council founded by Ajarn Panya Kraitus. Once the first WMTC dissolved, the current World MuayThai Council, set up by parliamentary resolution, designated the CMTC-A as its official representative body in Canada. In 2002 the organization became the Canadian MuayThai Council Amateur, thriving ever since and becoming the NSO for Amateur MuayThai in Canada. The CMTC-A played a role in helping IFMA gain GAISF (now known as SportAccord) recognition on the sports road to Olympic recognition. MuayThai is no longer a fringe sport, but a sport of the world. The CMTC-A has worked hard to support this.

WMC - World MuayThai Council (THA)

1995 to Present

Now the strongest professional MuayThai organization in the world. Set up by parliament resolution, the WMC was formed in 1995 including members of the Thai army. Ajarn Mike Miles has been involved with the organization since its inception. Ajarn Mike Miles had the first Canadian's who won WMC Titles (Trevor Smandych - 2 WMC Intercontinental and 1 Commonwealth Title, Erin Linley WMC World Title, Canada's first and only female WMC Champion) as well as the first Canadian who fought for a WMC World Title (Chad Sawyer in Bangkok).

IFMA - International Federation of MuayThai Amateur (THA)

1995 to Present

IFMA is over 100 countries strong, and is recognized by the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF now called SportAccord) since 2005 as the ISO for Amateur MuayThai worldwide. This organization is the sister arm of the World MuayThai Council. Ajarn Mike Miles is an executive member of the organization having held a seat as Vice-President.

WKA - World Kickboxing Association (GBR)

Ajarn Mike Miles has been involved with the WKA since the beginning of his career (before MuayThai was allowed to be fought in North America). Ajarn Miles has known all the past and present President's which includes Howard Hansen, Dale Floyd and Paul Ingram. First fighting for and then representing the organization Ajarn Mike Miles has served in various positions (North American Representative, Canadian Representative...) during his career.

WMTC - World MuayThai Council (THA)

1991 to 1995

The original organization was started by Ajarn Mike Miles's instructor Ajarn Panya Kraitus in the late 1980s. Ajarn Panya held many championship fights held throughout the Orient with some top level Thais holding World Titles as well as strong representation from Europe and North America. Ajarn Mike Miles was an executive member of this organization. The organization dissolved in 1995 because the name was passed onto the present WMC.

WKL - World Kickboxing League (USA)

Trevor Smandych won a Professional World MuayThai Title under this organization and still holds the title to this present day. Jesse Miles has also won a World MuayThai Title under this organization.

WKN - World Kickboxing Network (FRA)

Ajarn Mike Miles sanctioned an Intercontinental Title fight for student Leeanne McLim vs Luraino Hallasgo (PHL). McLim won by knockout.

ISKA - International Sport Karate Association (USA)

Many of Ajarn Mike Miles's athletes have fought for this organization around the world. Erin Linley fought for a World Title in Russia and Vanessa Bellegarde fought for a world title in the USA. Chad Sawyer won an ISKA Canadian Title in Toronto defeating Montreal's Conrad Pla.

K-1 (JPN)

Ajarn Mike Miles had Jason Jillain fight in the K-1 North American Qualifier. Trevor Smandych showed up at the K-1 Trials in Las Vegas. Another student was brought in as a last minute alternate for the K-1 USA Heavyweight Division. Ajarn Mike Miles was writing stories for magazines in North America and supporting the K-1 early in this organization's history. In the 1990s, Master Ishii's offfice would send K-1 gifts including programs, fight videos, fight paraphenalia, etc. to Ajarn Mike Miles who would also meet and great K-1 organization employees and bring them to Banff.

IMTO - International MuayThai Organization (USA)

Ajarn Mike Miles has won a Professional World MuayThai Title in this organization, alongside others like Coban Lookchaomaesitong, Boonkerd Fairtex, and Danny Steele to name a few. Many of his students (including Chad Sawyer, Yves Philidior Jr, and Trevor Smandych) have fought for and won titles for this organization.

IAMTF - International Amateur MuayThai Federation (THA)


Ajarn Mike Miles became involved with this organization in 1994 and worked with them until 1999. Many peers from different countries also joined this organization with like minded hopefulness that MuayThai would one day become a sport in the Olympics.

IPMTF - International Professional MuayThai Federation (THA)


Ajarn Mike Miles was promoted to this position by the IAMTF. Ajarn Mike Miles went from being the IAMTF Representative to the IPMTF Representative.

IKBF - International Kick Boxing Federation (DEU)

Ajarn Mike Miles has known Germany's Detlef Turnau (President) for almost twenty years.

IKF - International Kickboxing Federation (USA)

Ajarn Mike Miles has known IKF President Steve Fossum for many years. Steve Fossum was originally a WKA Representative. Ajarn Mike Miles and many of his athletes have been inducted into the IKF Hall of Fame over the years. Ajarn Mike Miles ran the first ever Canadian MuayThai and Kickboxing Golden Gloves Championships back in the mid 1990s until mid 2000s. Steve Fossum consulted Ajarn Mike Miles Many times for idea's on how to set up his 'Classic' Championships early in the going.

World Free Style Boxing - San Shou (CHN)

Incorporating MuayThai and the throws of San Shou, Ajarn Mike Miles had Trevor Smandych and Chad Sawyer fight on one of these shows. Interesting rules and outcomes, not much more to say.

USKBA 1 - United States Kickboxing Association (USA)


The first USKBA championships involved Ajarn Mike Miles and many of his students. The world championships were held in Mexico. The organization folded after the president passed away.

USKBA 2 - United States Kickboxing Assoiation (USA)

A few years later, the USKBA was reborn in the eastern USA under the leadership of Paul Rosner. Ajarn Mike Miles has had students fight for this organization as well.

CABA - Canadian Amateur Boxing Association (CAN)

Ajarn Mike Miles worked with CABA through the Alberta Amateur Boxing Association for many years through the 1980s and 1990s. Several of his athletes, including Jeff Applegath, Peter Tse, Roy Lilley, Dave Basto, Steve Mityok, Chad Sawyer, Nedj Trejic and others, fought for CABA to keep busy and improve their hand skills. Carolyn Friesen and Nora Bryan were among the earliest female boxing athletes who spent time at the AABA's Caroline training camp.

WKC - World Kickboxing Council (CAN)


The WKC has also went through several iterations. Some former WKA supporters formed their own WKC in the early 1980s and then it folded. One year later a new incarnation of this organization started off in the USA. Ajarn Mike Miles had dealings with the first incarnation.

USA Thai Boxing Association (USA)

Ajarn Mike Miles has had his athletes compete against athletes from this organization under different sanctioning bodies. Peter Arbeau won a TBA World Classic MuayThai Title in 2008. Very professional people.

COMAA - Continental Open Martial Arts Association (CAN)

Ajarn Mike Miles has amateur athletes fight for this organization and Ajarn Mike Miles has also fought professionally for this organization. Interviews with Ajarn Mike Miles have been published by the COMAA magazine.

CMTA - Canadian MuayThai Association (CAN)

Ajarn Mike Miles has had a number of his athletes fight for this ProAm organization in the past.

CMTF - Canadian MuayThai Federation (CAN)


Ajarn Mike Miles has had athletes fight for this organization in the past winning a few titles.

WMTA - World MuayThai Association (USA)


Ajarn Mike Miles's students have fought for this organization in the past. Patrick Bowsher won a North American MuayThai Title in this organization. Run by Thai Ajarn Kim Kongkriangkai, the organization hosted a fair amount of fight events in the 1990s in western USA. Ajarn Kim was a former fighter who has had dealings with the WKA in the 1970s and 1980s having arranged many fights between the USA and others in Mexico. A very colorful and interesting history.

CHKWF - Chung Hop Kuen World Federation (CHN)

A professional group that controls China. That is a huge market. Ajarn Mike Miles was asked by movie star Carter Wong to be his consultant in this organization. That was very prestigious considering the quality of fighters and people he worked with.

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Desire is the ingredient that makes the difference between an average performer and a champion


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